We are saddened to announce the passing of a good friend and a great firefighter, Chris Good. (Goody). Chris was a sweet hearted soul who represented the best of the best when it came to the fire service.  Chris loved everything about the fire service and demonstrated that in his abilities. We met Chris years ago when Fire Ground Tech trained the Goodwill Fire Company out in Westchester Pa. It was quite obvious that Goody had natural abilities on the fire ground.  More importantly Chris was a traditional guy. He led junior firefighters the way they ought to be, with discipline, experience, and above all the desire to do the right thing. After training we always looked forward to Chris leading the way into the local pub to discuss the day’s training over a cold beer.  Chris, you will be sadly missed and we will always remember you as what a true firefighter should be. Our condolences to his family, wife Jessica and his 3 kids, an 8 year old step daughter, a 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter along with his company and department.