Fire Ground Technologies along with Gemtor have designed and manufactured a lumbar bag specifically designed around the Petzl EXO escape system. While we used the Petzl system as a basis for our design, the lumbar bag is capable of storing almost any escape system on the market. The bag provides a reduced profile for the firefighter while keeping deployment of any system simple and easy. The materials that were used were requested by the FDNY, where there are currently 200 units in the field being tested. FDNY Research and Development has been working with Fire Ground Tech and Gemtor for over 3 years on this project. The bag is available for both left and right deployment options and easily attaches to any class II harness. By affording the firefighter a more comfortable option, it is more likely that the system will be worn as part of a firefighter's ensemble. As a result, Petzl supports our efforts in this new option of storing the escape system. Fore more information on the "new" Fire Ground Tech / Gemtor lumbar bag, contact us directly or call Gemtor.