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Fire Ground Technologies is a Preferred Trainer for the 541 NYC Harnesses. Gemtor recognizes Fire Ground Tech to properly train firefighters throughout the country based upon our professionalism of our staff, and the experience we have with these harnesses. Our entire staff consists of active and retired FDNY Firefighters and Officers. This harness was selected by FDNY to be issued to all members of the department while on duty. The harness is attached to the outside of the bunker pants with Velcro loops, and is ready to be used at a moments notice without any delays. This rescue harness is multi-versal and is capable of doing single rappels, rescue pickoffs, firefighter rescue evolutions, roof rope rescues, and simply act as a ladder belt. The 541NYC is the harness that is currently being used to attach the to the firefighter.

FIRE GROUND TECHNOLOGIES is committed to insure that any firefighter who purchases a harness from Gemtor will receive professional training in the use and proper donning and doffing of the product. These safety harnesses are specifically manufactured to save your life if needed. To buy a harness without the proper training is an injustice to the wearer. Gemtor along with Fire Ground Technologies have agreed to offer lectures and hands on training to anyone that feels the need to learn about saving their own life in a desperate situation. All Fire Ground Tech instructors are also members of the New York City Fire Department, and will provide the absolute best in training to the student. :

LECTURE: 3-4 hour PowerPoint lecture. Topics will include construction of the harness, applications, wearing, utilizing the harness in various aspects, care and cleaning, question and answer period with short demo.

HANDS-ON TRAINING: 6-8 hours. This one day training course is used to provide the student with actual day to day fire operations using the harness. A strong emphasis will be placed on Firefighter Survival utilizing hands on practical stations to make the student aware of the potential of their harnesses in extreme circumstances. Our staff will relate real time situations and experience to the student so they may realize the importance of understanding the potential of the rescue harness. This class will ultimately provide the student with a comfort level while using the harness that would otherwise never have been realized.



Features & Benefits:

  • Fast and Easy Donning

  • Front Leg Strap Adjusters

  • Can be attached to bunker pants using loops available from most turn-out gear manufacturers.

  • Color coded design for easy donning

  • Fixed length front, Handle always the same length regardless of adjustment.

  • 3-Stage locking Pompier hook with 2” side opening gate available in Aluminum or Steel (NFPA General Use Carabiner classified by UL)

  • Extremely lightweight, weighs only 2.8 lbs! (with aluminum Pompier hook).

  • Forged alloy steel escape system attachment D-ring.

  • Sturdy, lightweight nylon webbing 1 ¾” wide stitched with high tenacity nylon thread.

  • Easy waist belt operation, just engage steel snaphook and D-ring.

  • Available with right side or left side (FDNY style) opening, left side shown. (click here for ordering help)

  • Unique design lowers the body’s center of gravity and helps reduce the possibility of toppling.

  • Can be attached to bunker pants.

  • Pompier hook stores at center front position.

Front Leg Strap Adjusters and Single Point Waist Adjustment. Includes Escape System 
Attachment D-Ring

Available models(546NYCL-2A shown):

Model # Opening Side Hook Material Fits Waist
Left Right Alum Steel
546NYCL-0A     30” - 44”
546NYCL-2A     36" - 50"
546NYCL-4A     44" - 56"
546NYCR-0A     30” - 44”
546NYCR-2A     36" - 50"
546NYCR-4A     44" - 56"
546NYCL-0S     30” - 44”
546NYCL-2S     36" - 50"
546NYCL-4S     44" - 56"
546NYCR-0S     30” - 44”
546NYCR-2S     36" - 50"
546NYCR-4S     44" - 56"

Fire Ground Tech is a Preferred trainer on the use of the Gemtor harness. Contact us for details and pricing

Purchase your Petzl EXO and your Gemtor Harness through Fire Ground Tech.

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Endorsed By The IAFF

IAFF Firefighter Survival Program Endorsement

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