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OR Firefighters Use Bailout System to Rescue Victim from Fire
OR Firefighters Use Bailout System to Rescue Victim from Fire
SEP 7, 2017 SOURCE: FIREHOUSE.COM NEWS Clackamas firefighters used their personal escape systems to rescue a woman from an early morning house fire in Happy Valley. Heavy fire engulfed the first floor when Clackamas Fire District 1 arrived at 3:46 a.m. Wednesday and were told that a woman was trapped on the second floor. Two firefighters
Petzl Debuts the Next-Generation EXO AP with Anti-Panic Functionality at FDIC Int'l 2016
Bedford NY Fire Department starts Petzl Exo Training
The first of Westchester's Fire Departments has begun to train their firefighters on the Petzl EXO. Approx. 15 members did their certified slides at the Westchester Fire Academy. The rest of the department will soon be trained. Fire Ground Tech is the Trainer / Dealer for the Petzl EXO and Gemtor  Harness systems in Westchester County, NY
Westchester County NY awards Petzl EXO / Gemtor Harness bid to Fire Ground Technologies
Representing 63 Fire Departments, Westchester County  NY has awarded the "Petzl EXO / Gemtor Harness bid" to Fire Ground Technologies. We appreciate the opportunity to supply and train the firefighters in Westchester County with the Petzl EXO Escape System and the Gemtor Harness. Fire Ground Tech is the leading trainer for the Petzl EXO in the
Knoxville Tennessee Fire Department Trains on the Petzl EXO / Gemtor Harness with Fire Ground Technologies
Fire Ground Technologies is pleased to announce that the Knoxville Tennessee Fire Department has chosen Fire Ground Technologies to train and supply approximately 300 members of their department with the Petzl EXO and the Gemtor harness escape system. The staff at Fire Ground Technologies congratulates the Knoxville Fire Department on providing its
FDNY Firefighter Saved by Petzl EXO / Gemtor Harness
Fire Ground Technologies The only Petzl Exo Training Company that exclusively uses FDNY Officers and Firefighters Training, Sales, Service ... Fire Ground Tech does it all for you. The Leader in Training Firefighter Personal Bail Out Systems Raymond Pollard, 50, of Brooklyn, rappelled away from searing flames that had trapped him near a fourth-floo
Fire Ground Tech Trains Pleasantville, NY Fire Dept. in the use of the Petzl EXO
Read about Fire Ground Technologies and the recents Pleasantville's Petzl EXO Bailout System Training  Complete with photos and student comments. Fire Ground Technologies was organized in 1997 to fulfill the needs of modern day Fire Departments. Our goals and objectives are to teach and relay information to firefighters througho
1st Responder Broadcast Network Article
PRESS RELEASE - Preparing Yourself for the Petzl EXO Personal Safety System and the Gemtor Harness By LARRY COHEN, LIEUTENANT FDNY Ret.http://www.1strespondernews.com/webpages/news/displaynews.aspx?ID=eb50c1dc-3b0d-4976-8434-a97d059e072e With the much anticipated, soon to be released, Petzl EXO Personal Safety System, (PSS) fire departments and firefighters should understand that there are certain bunker gear concerns, harness requirements and training issues that need to be addressed in order for the system to be properly attached and deployed correctly. FDNY and Petzl have designed this particular system to be worn on the outside of the firefighter’s protective pants, and under the turnout coat. The reason for this location is so it can be easily accessed and rapidly deployed, while at the same time protected from a fire environment by the protective coat. Thousands of hours have gone into the engineering and practical application of this device so that firefighters can safely exit a hostile environment in a burning structure.
Saddle Brook Bail Out System Drill
During the weekend of February 28 and March 1 Saddle Brook firefighters conducted a hands on drill for their new bail out system. All active members of the department who seek interest in the Petzl bail out system took park in the practical training over the two day period. Fire Ground Technologies provided the training equipment and instructors fo
Firefighters convention a time for shopping, networking
Posted: Saturday, September 23, 2014 2:46 am By MICHAEL MILLERStaff Writer WILDWOOD — Firefighters attending the annual New Jersey State Firemen's Convention use the annual event to gear up. From new trucks to water-rescue gear, the annual convention draws vendors from across the country hawking the latest in new equipment. Sam Squire, of Mays Landing, sells heavy trucks manufactured by Pierce, based in Appleton, Wis. Fie said the convention is his biggest source of new clients in New Jersey. Squire showed off a new canary-yellow truck made forthe Seaville Volunteer Fire Company in Upper Township. "It's a combination pumper and rescue truck. Fire companies are having to multitask," he said. "Seaville covers part of the Garden State Parkway, so they respond to a lot of car accidents." The $625,000 truck features a compartment with various hydraulic equipment to cut people out of damaged vehicles. And it has four winch slots to pull vehicles to safety, he said.
Fireground TechnologiesTo Attend The LT. Joseph DiBernardo Memorial Foundation 1st Annual Training Seminar
Lieutenant Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Foundation's 1st Annual Training Seminar will be held June 29th & 30th 2013 - 8am - 5pm visit facebook page Training From Top Fire Department Instructors in America DC Vincent Dunn - FDNY Retired DIV 1 BC Frank Montagna - FDNY BC John Salka - FDNY Retired BN 18 Capt. Mike Dugan - FDNY Retired Ladder 123
We are saddened to announce the passing of a good friend and a great firefighter, Chris Good. (Goody). Chris was a sweet hearted soul who represented the best of the best when it came to the fire service.  Chris loved everything about the fire service and demonstrated that in his abilities. We met Chris years ago when Fire Ground Tech trained
Fire Ground Tech opens office in Massapequa, Long Island
Because of the large amount of EXO training that Fire Ground Technologies does on Long Island, we decided to open an office to accommodate our clients on the Island. This will allow us to service our clients with even more quality and professionalism. Regardless of which location you call our phone number is still the same. Call us at 201-206-9387
download: firegroundtech_article1.pdf
Pequannock Firefighters train with new personal escape system
By THOMAS LYONS, JR.Correspondent1st Responder Network Pequannock, New Jersey - Pequannock firefighters recently attended training on newly issued personal safety systems. Training on the Petzl Exo Personal Safety System and the Gemtor Harness was conducted by FDNY Lieutenant (Ret.) Larry Cohen and his staff from Fire Ground Technologies of Pompton
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Fire Ground Technologies along with Gemtor have designed and manufactured a lumbar bag specifically designed around the Petzl EXO escape system. While we used the Petzl system as a basis for our design, the lumbar bag is capable of storing almost any escape system on the market. The bag provides a reduced profile for the firefighter while keeping d
WILDWOOD---Everything a firefighter needs was all in one spot .....fire trucks, and vendors packed the Wildwood Convention Center and its parking lot. "We have everything new that comes out as the vendors get it they bring it if they have it new its here at the show," said Dave Thompson. The New Jersey State Firemen's Annual Convention is one of th
Fire Ground Tech Trains the Trainers
Recently Fire Ground Tech Trained members of the North Hudson Fire Department in the "Train the Trainer" class on the use of the Petzl EXO and Gemtor harness. This 3 day class focused on the use and deployment of the system, belaying, safety, presenting a power point and teach backs. After 3 arduous days the students are now certified to teach thei
Fire Ground Technologies wins bid for Bayonne NJ Fire Department
Fire Ground Technologies is supplying nearly 200 Petzl EXO Escape Systems and Gemtor Harnesses to the Bayonne Fire Department. After much research, the department has elected to outfit all their members with this equipment. Each member will do a series of performance slides to insure a level of proficiency with the system. Once all the members have

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